Kidney Stones – Symptoms and Control

When mineral materials in the body build up to form hard, crystal-like materials in the kidneys, these materials are known as kidney stones. One noticeable effect of severe kidney stone is a pain in the urinary system.

The kidney stone may either be a large stone or a small stone, and this determines the form which treatment of the condition will take.


The symptoms of kidney stones may be pronounced in some cases where the kidney stones are large while there may be no symptoms of the stones in people who have small stones.


Some common symptoms include;

  1. Blood in the urine when urinating
  2. Pain in the lower back
  3. Abdominal pain at the side
  4. Change in the color of the urine
  5. Patient may experience fever, weakness, or diarrhea

When you begin to notice such symptoms, it is best you seek medical advice.

Causes of kidney stones

There are a number of causes of kidney stones, but some common causes include;

  1. Higher concentration of uric acid in the urine and blood (Gout)
  2. Inadequate amount of fluid intake which can lead to dehydration
  3. Failure of one of the kidneys in its function
  4. Excessive loss of water through sweating
  5. Intake of excess amounts of calcium and other crystalline substances.

Treatment of kidney stones

Before treatment of kidney stones, the kidney stones are first detected. Some of the methods which are used in detecting kidney stones include,

  • Testing the urine; this may involve collecting any stone particle in a material like a gauze
  • An ultrasound scan may be performed
  • To determine if the patient is suffering from any disease of kidney problem, a blood test is carried out
  • An X-ray scan can be used in detecting the stones in the kidney

After detection of the stones, the next step is to determine the form of treatment to be used for the stones.

The basic treatment for treating kidney stones is drinking a lot of water during the day. This can help to flush out the kidney stones and is effective in a case where the kidney stones are small. Since they can easily pass through the urinary tract, the water helps to quicken this process.

When passing small stones, you may be put on some medication, either to act as pain relievers or as muscle relaxants. When given as medications to relax the muscle, they work on the muscles of the ureter to reduce pain and make it easy for the stones to be passed out.

If your kidney stone is too large to be easily passed out through the urine, you may need to undergo surgery or other forms of treatment.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

This is a surgery in which a small cut is made in the back for the medical instruments and a telescope to be able to pass through into the body. The stones can then be removed once the tools get in.

Breaking down the stones

To make it easier to pass the stones through your urine, the stones can be broken down into smaller sizes. An Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is used.

There are other methods like passing a scope through the bladder which can be used in treating kidney stones.

It is a good idea to avoid kidney stones where possible especially if there is a history of this condition in your family. You can increase your fluid intake and avoid excess consumption of foods containing calcium.


Best Ways to Maintain Weight Loss

Maintaining a weight loss can be difficult for some people especially when they set expectations or goals which are not feasible in the long term. An example of such may be a change in your diet which prevents you from taking a lot of things you have grown fond of or having the wrong outlook on a weight loss program.

It is quite common for people to put on the weight they have lost if they do not discipline themselves. For tips on how to ensure you do not gain any weight which you have already shed, read on below.

Remember to exercise

Burning the same number of calories you consume is important if you wish to maintain a particular weight. To do this, you will need to exercise on a regular basis.  This is more effective when you do it with a positive change in your diet.

Proteins are good for you

Controlling your calories is essential to maintain your weight loss and what easier way to do this than through the intake of proteins. There are two ways to achieve this with protein;

  1. Burning calories to produce the energy required for its digestion.
  2. Making your stomach seem full so you don’t overeat during the day.

Find a suitable approach to control your stress level

Most people tend to eat a lot when they are under stress. This can be attributed to the release of the stress hormones, cortisol, which also causes belly fat. Learn to control your stress through meditation, exercise, or yoga.

Look for someone who can encourage you

Having someone to assist you during your weight loss program can provide significant benefits. If this person is someone close to you who shares your views on healthy living, then you are sure to gain from this relationship. Since you will be able to witness when your partner decides to perform exercises or healthy eating habits, you will be more inclined to follow in their steps.

Ensure you are consistent

If you truly want to maintain your weight loss, then being consistent is important. Consistency means that you do not go back to eating unhealthy foods that you have dropped and you should be willing to perform your exercises as scheduled. Consistency will make it much easier to adapt to this new way of life and help promote your weight maintenance.

Reduce carbohydrates, consider increasing your vegetables

Most processed carbs are usually low in fiber content and can lead to weight gain. An example of such is white bread. Try to avoid such foods and focus on eating vegetables which contain high fiber content and also have low calories. This can help in your weight maintenance.

There are also a lot of other steps which you can consider to ensure you do not put on any additional weight which you do not require. You can start lifting weights to build your muscle mass and increase metabolism, getting the necessary amount of sleep to enhance the level of leptin in the body, and also drinking water at regular intervals.


Wearable technology and fitness

When it comes to staying fit, different factors can hinder your progress. Such factors may include a lack of motivation and inability to track your goal progress. With the introduction of wearable fitness trackers, it has become much easier to overcome these hindrances.

Although wearable technology comes with some significant benefits, it is also important to know that it may not get you to where you need to be in some areas. Some areas where you may notice shortcomings when using your fitness tracker include;

Your calorie count

While it is important to monitor how many calories you burn, a fitness tracker may not be able to give you accurate results on this number. This is because results produced by the fitness trackers are based on average values using your height, age, and gender, as base stats.

Sleep tracking

Sleep tracking is a welcome development especially for people who may find out they feel tired when they wake even after sleeping for hours. In such scenario, a sleep tracker can help identify patterns in your sleep where the problem may originate. The only issue with this is that a lot of fitness trackers which come with sleep trackers may not be able to differentiate between someone who is rolling in his sleep and someone who is awake but laying still. This may lead to some invalid results.

Wearable fitness trackers may not be perfect yet, but this doesn’t mean you should simply write them off. There are some advantages you will enjoy by using fitness trackers, and you can get a look at some of them below.

Ability to set your own daily goal

Wearable technology gives you the opportunity to set and monitor goals which you wish to achieve. This may be a distance you want to walk for a day or a number of steps you need to hit. By keeping records of your achievement on different days, you can set a goal which can prove to be more tasking but is more beneficial to your fitness plan.

Connecting to fitness apps

Fitness devices are capable of connecting to fitness apps and logging in your info can help you get a more detailed fitness plan to boost your fitness program. An example of such an app is the Google Fit which syncs with android devices or the Health app for Apple devices.

Increased physical activity

Using wearable fitness trackers can give you the motivation you need to improve your physical activity. With some fitness trackers coming with functions to indicate when you have been seated for too long, this can be a heads up to stretch your legs. As long as you have the right mindset towards these activities, you should see certain improvements in your daily life.

Wearable technology makes it much easier to achieve your fitness goals, but you should know that it all depends on your willingness to work hard to achieve these goals. With a wearable technology, you can decide to perform your fitness programs anywhere you wish, either at home or in the park. This is a significant development for those who have insecurities when visiting the gym.