Bladder Infection in Men: Nobody Is Immune

Bladder infection is common among women. However, this medical condition is also prevalent among men. In fact, the number of men infected by this condition continues to increase. The Honor Society of Nursing claimed that there are at least 8 million doctor visits every year because of this condition, and most of them are women and children.


Bladder infection, for generic understanding, is the inflammation of the bladder. For men, it is normally caused by an enlarged prostate, kidney stones, and even the abnormal narrowing of the urethra. Most infections, however, are primarily due to the presence of various strains of E. coli bacteria. While there can be a handful of causes as far as women are concerned.


It’s not hard to determine if someone is suffering from this condition because the symptoms are pretty obvious and common. One is the frequent urge to urinate, but the volume of urine passed is too small. On the other hand, this can also lead to urinary incontinence, or the inability to control urination, which is why it’s best to take the best bladder control supplement to control the incontinence. In severe cases, painful urination is felt and it may sometimes be accompanied by bleeding. The urine of an infected person will look milky or cloudy, and the smell can be quite offensive. Fatigue and back pains are also among the symptoms.


Bladder infection in men is not chronic in nature when compared to that of women. Experts explain that a woman’s urethra is shorter. Urethra is a tube where urine flows from the bladder. With a shorter tube, various strains of bacteria find it easier to infiltrate the bladder, thus causing the infection. This is not the case in men, that’s why their likelihood of contracting this disease is not too overwhelming than that of women.


Bladder infection is not a serious case when addressed immediately. However, when neglected, it can be life-threatening because it might lead to severe medical conditions such as kidney infection, among others. This is the reason why an immediate trip to the doctor is very necessary at the first sign of these symptoms. The process of diagnosing if you have this problem is not complicated. No surgeries or painful exams involved. The physician will just basically ask for your urine sample and send it to the laboratory for a series of tests. In some cases, however, further exams such as intravenous plyelogram or IVP, cystoscopy, and even ultrasound may be required to fully determine the root cause of the infection.


Bladder infection in men is something that can’t be taken lightly. Equipping yourself with the right information is one key for you to be spared from this condition. You can make use of the information found online to serve as your guide. However, an expert attention will always be essential once you experience even just one, two or three of the mentioned symptoms. You can’t afford to rely on unfounded beliefs in terms of bladder infection because what you do on your own might just simply worsen the situation.


Men, just like women, have to be on the constant lookout for their health. Bladder infection is something that is oftentimes associated with women, can also acquire the disease with unhealthy habits. Vigilance, therefore, is a must regardless of your gender because this disease affects everyone. The best time for you to do something with your lifestyle is not tomorrow, but today.

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