Simple Ways on How to Prevent Osteoporosis

Both men and women in their later lives become vulnerable to osteoporosis, a disease whereby bones become fragile and prone to fracture. There is a noted reduction in bone density, an element of bone composition that measures the level of calcium and minerals in the bone.

While there is no known or established cause for bone density loss, osteoporosis may be prevented by following certain treatments and lifestyle modifications. Among the most common and effective ways to prevent osteoporosis are the following:

  • Diet

A diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D as well as food rich in protein and calories will ensure proper bone formation and density. Since bone density decreases as people age, pre-menopausal women and men should take at least 1000 mg of calcium each day, which may be taken from calcium-rich food like seaweeds, seafood, milk, cheese, yogurt, green vegetables like kale and broccoli, and beverages as well as dietary supplements. For postmenopausal women, a total of 1200 mg of calcium each day must be taken which may also be taken from food and supplements. However, here’s a word of caution; never take over 2000 mg calcium per day as this may pose serious side effects. Furthermore, there are protein supplements available in the market, which intend to contribute to bone health. You could also try to take cissus quadrangularis supplement, which is known to boost bone strength.

  • Avoidance of alcohol, caffeine, and regulation of salt intake.

Too much alcohol and caffeine in the body increases one’s vulnerability to fracture because of the increased risk of falling. Likewise, poor nutrition also contributes to an increased probability of having fractures and hence should be avoided. In addition, too much salt in the diet increases the chances for osteoporosis. Normal weight should be achieved to minimize the pressure of extra weight on the bones which may lead to fractures due to wear and tear.

  • Daily Exercise.

It is believed that the more people move, the more they become healthy. Daily exercise decreases the chances for fractures by improving bone mass in premenopausal women and in the maintenance of bone density for postmenopausal women. Likewise, since exercise builds strength, people who are physically fit are stronger and hence, less likely to fall and incur injuries. Women who exercise regularly build muscle strength and become less prone to hip fracture. Experts recommend a 30-minute exercise regimen which must be done at least thrice a week.

  • Quitting or avoiding smoking.

Cigarette smoking has been linked to fasten up bone loss. In fact, a study revealed that women who consume a pack a day in their adult life incur a 5 to 10 percent reduction in bone mass by the time they reach menopause thereby increasing their vulnerability to fracture.

  • Avoidance of too much medication.

Taking in too much medication or undergoing prolonged therapy to address ailments can contribute to faster bone loss or bone density. This is the reason why self-medication is dangerous. When taking in drugs, make sure that they are prescribed by qualified healthcare professionals.

There are a number of ways to prevent osteoporosis and with the information age coming to an explosion these days; it is no longer an excuse not to be kept abreast of updates regarding the wise and sound management of this medical condition that affects both women and men all over the globe.


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