The Cortisol Effect on Muscles and How to Neutralize It

It is a known fact that people who want to build or gain muscles are more likely to go to the gym to lift weights. Many believe that muscles are developed because of the effort it exerted when it tries to carry a certain weight. However, there are actually other processes that are happening in the body that greatly contribute to the muscle gaining process. One of which is the release of certain hormones. A very popular hormone called testosterone is the one that is responsible for enhancing the synthesis of muscle protein. The growth hormone, on the other hand, triggers the process of muscle tissue repair. Likewise, insulin production is also enhanced in order to help amino acids and glucose reach the muscle cells.


However, not all hormones that are produced during workout sessions are helpful to the muscle. A common one is the so-called cortisol. As an overview, it is a hormone produced by the adrenal cortex. Its production is enhanced when the person is experiencing either physical or mental stress. Thus, they are also sometimes called stress hormones. It can also be increased in situations wherein the body’s temperature is at a high degree. Although it is a steroid, the effect is catabolic in nature instead of anabolic. Meaning, it is responsible for breaking down muscle tissues. Likewise, it is also capable of retarding muscle tissue growth. In addition, cortisol also prevents the muscle cells from absorbing amino acids. Thus, the muscles cells will have no source of energy or fuel.


An increase in the level of cortisol is also dangerous because it inhibits the production of testosterone and growth hormones. Blood and tissue glucose is also not utilized well, thus, it may lead to certain health conditions. Additionally, high levels of the hormone can also increase the amount of fat present in the abdominal area. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that cortisol, at normal levels, is also helpful. That is because it is the one responsible for inflammatory response regulation. It is also the one responsible for helping individuals get up in the morning.


People who are into bodybuilding workouts, therefore; should try to control the overproduction of cortisol in order for them to reach their goals quickly. As per the advice of many experts, people who will be working out to gain muscles should make sure that they eat their breakfast. They should also eat right after working out. Likewise, taking in of vitamin C will also be helpful. That is due to the fact that they can help reduce the production of cortisol even during stressful situations.


In addition, there are already dietary supplements that also help control the increased production of cortisol during physical exercises. Such are the ones that contain the compound Hydroxy methylbutyric acid or HMB. The good thing about HMD dietary supplements is that they have other positive contributions when it comes to building muscles. They can also enhance muscle fiber repair, muscle growth, and protein synthesis. People who are interested to get this HMB supplement at Amazon are recommended to learn more about it.

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