Probiotics and Human Health

Probiotics are famous for their ability to counter bacterial, fungal and viral infections. They are also very effective in supporting digestive health in many ways. Science has found many proofs suggesting that probiotics can help prevent cancer. Once probiotic bacteria are properly balanced in the human system, they will create a cleansing effect on human body, thereby keeping the person from experiencing toxic overload. Among the illnesses that can be prevented with probiotics includes autoimmune diseases, cancer, and allergies.

Probiotics also help improve one’s nutrient absorption. They are needed for digestion, absorption, and detoxification of food. Unfortunately, certain substances that we take in destroy probiotics and among them are the antibiotics. Hence, you might notice that the common adverse reactions of these types of medicines have something to do with digestion like stomach upset. Antibiotics may be effective in eradicating bad bacteria but they also kill good bacteria like probiotics along the process.

Some strains of probiotics produce enzymes within your gastrointestinal tract. These enzymes are responsible for breaking down the foods that you take completely. The nutrients found in these foods are absorbed better with the help of probiotics. Hence, gas and bloating will be reduced significantly.

Do you know the probiotics constipation benefits? Remember that intestinal infections trigger constipation as well as diarrhea, bloating, gas, heartburn, and indigestion. However, the good bacteria (probiotics) resolve these issues. Also, you need to know that there are probiotics with acidifying effect on the GIT. When the intestinal pH is almost neutral, the growth of unfriendly bacteria or yeast will increase, hence the need to decrease acidity to solve the issue. As acidity is improved, there will be an improvement in the microflora which allows nutrients to pass through the intestinal walls, then to the bloodstream. People with constipation have high pH. Since probiotics can lower pH, this becomes effective in managing constipation.

The discovery of probiotics has become one of the greatest breakthroughs in Science. It was first discovered by a Scientist when milk was left to sit and was naturally fermented by bacteria. When everyone noticed its pleasant taste, they save cultures from particularly good tasting batches to produce more. Since then, yogurt production was introduced to the market and innovated over time to improve its taste. And their benefits to human’s health were discovered by the scientist Elie Metchnikoff who wondered why Russian peasants consuming fermented milk lived for more than 100 years. Today, there are many products with probiotic content, all marketed for their health benefits. And many who take them hope to relieve their GIT issue, including constipation.


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