Maintaining Normal Levels of Uric Acid

Uric acid is a substance that is present in the body that is a result of the metabolism of purine, an important compound in the production and synthesis of DNA and RNA. With that in mind, all of us surely have uric acid in our systems. However, as similar to any substances in our body, an excess and decrease in the level of uric acid will be harmful to us.

Most of the time, a low level of uric acid is indicative of an underlying disease which means that it is just part of the signs and symptoms. On the other hand, an increased level of uric acid is common in arthritis. It is a condition wherein the joints in the body are inflamed giving the person a feeling of extreme pain. The inflamed joints are usually caused by the accumulation of the uric acid crystals in those spaces.

Although taking chemical-based and prescriptive medications are recommended for high levels of uric acid, there are actually natural ways for you to help your body eliminate excess uric acid.


Hydrating your body is one of the key elements in flushing out excess uric acid in the body in the form of urine. As we all know, water is one of the best cleansing fluid that we need to take daily, which is from eight to 10 glasses. Since water is a universal solvent, the uric acid and other waste products in the body will be diluted and can easily be eliminated.

In addition, water also helps enhance uric acid filtration which further enhances its natural uric acid support capabilities. People who are not so into the water can add fruits that are rich in water and vegetables that are rich in water like lemon, turnip, and watermelon.

Weight Management

As shocking as it sounds for some people, the way a person manages his or her weight actually has a contribution in increasing the levels of blood uric acid. For one, an overweight individual will produce more uric acid. Also, a person who loses weight rapidly will also have hyperuricemia. Hence, it is important to consider the fact that crash dieting and engaging oneself in intense weight loss programs is something that is not healthy for people with arthritis.

Cooking Oil

A lot of us know for a fact that watching what cooking oil to use is important for people who have high cholesterol levels and heart conditions. Little do we know that this also has a contribution to uric acid level management. As an overview, a lot of vegetable oils become rancid-type fats once they are exposed to heat that will, in turn, destroy vitamin E in the food and body. This vitamin is important in uric acid control.

With that in regard, experts suggest the use of cold-pressed olive oil for both cooking and baking activities. That is because no matter how much heat you expose it too, it will remain stable since it contains monounsaturated fat. Likewise, it is naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin E.

Final Words

The listed natural uric acid support suggestions, however, are not replacements for proper treatment. They will just act as helping agents.

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