Understanding Hunger: How Hunger Hormones Can Affect Your Weight and Appetite

While some people are able to manage one-day-meal, some are unable not to eat less than two meals a day; this is all because of the “hunger hormones”. The body naturally produces hormones that are responsible for making you feel hungry or full. In other words, losing weight by controlling your appetite is not just a battle of will, but it is also a battle of the body to suppress hunger hormone.

What are the hunger hormones?

In a natural process, the body produces hormones that balances and maintains sugar-level, which is necessary for functioning. Then, when the body notices a reduced level of sugar while there is a demand for more production, naturally, the body craves for food; this is all because of ghrelin. Ghrelin is one of the main hunger hormones that increase the appetite.

However, hunger can also be suppressed by another important hunger hormone called leptin. Leptin is an important peptide hormone that decreases a person’s appetite.

So, how do the two hormones affect a person’s weight?

When the levels of ghrelin and leptin do not meet, either the person may suffer from anorexia or obesity. If the stomach produces too much ghrelin but does not respond to the signals of leptin, that person may suffer from extreme gain weight, which is one of the biggest problems of obese.

The levels of leptin play a huge role in maintaining a person’s appetite, and suppressing it may cause obesity.

If you are currently in a diet program and wanting to reduce weight but unable to suppress your desire to eat, you should understand that an imbalanced production and use of ghrelin and leptin is the main culprit and not your will.

So, how can you fight your cravings?

  1. Do not attempt crash diet

According to the experts, the levels of ghrelin increases when crash dieting, making a person feel more hungry than the usual. Overeating, on the other hand, decreases ghrelin production, however, that is not the best strategy to reduce weight. All you need to do is follow the regular meal, eat plenty during breakfast, and avoid eating between meals.

  1. Try taking hunger suppressant supplements

Believe it or not, you can now smack your hunger through a very good appetite suppressant on sale like the Vitamonk’s Hunger Smack. This supplement is one of the fast acting weight-loss supplements that contain hydroxicitric acid which helps burn fat faster.

  1. Eat enough protein

Protein plays a huge part in reducing weight. According to the experts, reducing calorie intake but increasing protein can help control a person’s appetite. The effects of protein satiate appetite and decrease the production of ghrelin. In addition, meals with high protein prolong that feeling of fullness.

The ghrelin and leptin play a huge part in gaining and losing weight. So, if you are dieting, you should also understand those two important hunger hormones, because by understanding them, you are able to control your hunger.

Dieting is more than willpower because it also depends on your hunger hormones.

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